daily pozole      

braised pork slow-cooked in a merriment of spices, topped with tangy slaw 

and zesty tomatillo chutney on a tortilla, (2) per order


beef and chorizo         

beef roast slow-cooked then grilled with chorizo to perfection, topped with 

tangy slaw and a zesty tomatillo chutney on a tortilla, (2) per order


tikka tikka     

chicken cooked in a creamy tomato gravy, topped with tangy slaw and zesty 

tomatillo chutney on a 'naan' tortilla, (2) per order


taco trio     

why not try them all? served one of each taco



bengali-inspired cauliflower and garbanzo beans seasoned with a smoky 

array of mexican spices topped with tangy slaw and zesty tomatillo chutney 

on a 'naan' tortilla, (2) per order

*contains dairy but can be made vegan


 add it to the trio, making it a quad…     


tandoori chicken            

tender chicken marinated in yogurt and spices then grilled and served over rice


curry a la veracruzana

garbanzo beans and chicken cooked in a flavorful tomato and roasted pepper 

sauce and served over rice



add some tasty buttermilk flatbread, served hot and fresh


bowl o’pickles  

seasonal assortment of house brined pickles 

flan brulee   

honey and cardamom custard topped with a yummy bruleed crust


'real ' coke    

coconut water       


cleanse the palate after your meal with a delightful milk tea of ginger 

and spice, done the indian way

iced tea 

cold-brewed darjeeling tea infused with mint and a hint of cardamom


some freshly squeezed limes and our mint simple syrup

maa sista’s kombooch     

homebrewed cultured cha tea mixed with fresh limes and mint

*** This is a sample menu only.  The menu is subject to changes at any time. ***